Saturday, November 30, 2019

Hallmark Channel

Southern Style At Fifth Avenue will be at the Canonsburg Old Fashioned Christmas sponsored by The Hallmark Channel.  We are going to be photographers for Santa pictures, John will help with directing traffic, helping with Cards To Military, and working in the Hallmark Booth.  We are the biggest Hallmark Channel fans ever!  We watch every movie at least once!  My favorite is the series of Christmas In Evergreen.  They produced the first movie in 2017, the second in 2018 and now a third in 2019.  If you visit your local Hallmark store you will find so many cards, gifts and clothing featuring the Christmas In Evergreen merchandise!  For my birthday I received many of those items as gifts.  I love my throw for watching Hallmark movies!  So warm and cozy!  

Christmas in the Smokies

Our Smoky Mountain Christmas Tree

We love Tennessee and Pigeon Forge area especially.  We frequently travel to Pigeon Forge and stay at the Dolly Parton's DreamMore Resort.  Our many visits to this area over the years inspired me to create this beautiful tree.  I purchased a lot of the ornaments from Pigeon Forge area including many from The Incredible Christmas Place store there.  I have new ribbon for this tree this year, I decided to use two ribbons, one is red with black bears and the other is a flannel red and black plaid.  I just love how these ribbons tied together the feeling of being in the Smokies during the winter.  

 The tree hits the ceiling.  Not sure if I will do a tree topper...  

 The wooden sled was a gift from my husband to Lauren and I.  
He also made another for Karina.  They are beautiful and we love them!

 I love the bears which are from Dollywood mostly.  The lantern
adds more of the mountain touch that we all love.  Did you
know there are a lot of moose in Tennessee?  So, our Mr. Moose
is part of our Tennessee display each year.  This tree is sitting
by the red plaid love seat in the Tennessee room!  

 The black bear family from Tennessee!

 The plaid wrapped gift is from last year.  My husband John never opened it-ha!  
Guess who is having a re-gifted present this year?

 Love this blown glass truck with tree and also the car with a tree on top and especially the bear lantern.  They were from Target.

 Tin ornaments are this year's addition and are from Lancaster, PA...Primitive's by Kathy.

 Another one of the many moose we have collected
and another tin ornament.

 This sign is also from Lancaster, PA. at the Flower and Home Marketplace and the fisherman is a reminder of my Daddy who loved to fish from Cracker Barrel.  I also bought one of each of these for my grandchildren who were fortunate to grow up being with my Daddy every day.  We miss him and my Mama, especially at this time of year, so very much.  Love you Daddy and Mama!

We hope you are enjoying our tree display this year.  At the end of our decorating sessions I will put all of these photos in one post to make it easy for you to pass on to friends or refer to for your own decorating!  Have a wonderful time today shopping Small Business Saturday!  

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Decorating our lovely tree by the railroad tracks

It's Beginning to look like a Hallmark Movie Canonsburg Christmas!

What an honor to be asked to participate in the decorating of one of the town pine trees for Canonsburg's Old Fashioned Christmas sponsored by the Hallmark Channel.  I am sharing some photos of our day spent in Canonsburg decorating the tree and hanging out with Mayor Rhome!

Lauren and I at the borough building checking out the old barn.

I always hang the largest ornaments first, even on this beautiful big pine tree!  These ornaments were huge!

Mayor David Rhome attaching the bows at the top.  We were discussing the best plan of attack for this tall beauty and these very large glittery bows.  The Mayor ended up putting two of them back to on the front facing Pike Street and one on the back. 

Adding more ornaments and picturing myself in a Hallmark 
movie with our wonderful friends and family!

My shirt says It's beginning to look a lot like a Hallmark Canonsburg Christmas!  We love our town and the Hallmark Channel.  I loved these large white snowflakes we added to the tree.  They really popped on the fir.

John in the holiday spirit is attaching some large glitter striped ornaments to the side.  Notice how I am supervising this!

Lauren and I stopping for a cute photo opportunity while working so hard in the windy conditions.  It was starting to rain but we forged through the weather and got the job done.  Lonny helped us by putting wire on the balls.

Teamwork makes the dream work-look how lovely it's looking!

Mayor David Rhome on the ladder again!

A train even came by and waived at us decorating.  I bet that was a first for this engineer!

John was thrilled to wave at the engineer and see this 
large engine coming through.  He LOVES trains!

I am handing Mayor some ornaments for higher up.  
He loved putting those up high.  Perfectionist tree decorator!

Mayor David Rhome, Lauren Ruffing, Debra and John Ruffing proud of the beautiful tree we decorated for our towns celebration.

O Christmas tree, how lovely are your branches!

We had a great time volunteering with Mayor David Rhome and Lonnie Flood.  Thank you for letting us be a part of this community event.  The pine tree in the Jean Popp garden got a big "popp" of Christmas cheer this week.  We finished just in time for Canonsburg's Old Fashioned Christmas celebration sponsored 
by Hallmark Channel.    

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Decorating an Old Fashioned Christmas Celebration tree today in Canonsburg!

Christmas Celebration in Canonsburg

Today we have the honor of decorating a Hallmark Channel Christmas Tree in Canonsburg in preparation for the Hallmark Channel event at Canonsburg's Old Fashioned Christmas celebration this year.  The event is being held December 6 & 7, 2019 on Pike Street in Canonsburg, PA.  Head over to their website to see the full schedule of events for the two day celebration!  You can find a map here.

My husband John, my daughter Lauren and I will be decorating this tree on Pike Street with the Mayor of Canonsburg, David Rhome.  We are so excited to be able to help with this event!  We love you Hallmark for the wonderful memories you have given our town!  Our citizens are overjoyed that you are here with us!  

We also want to thank you for providing us with Christmas programming on the Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Movies and Mysteries for the past ten years! And we love the new subscription service, Hallmark Movies Now.  The memories you have given families over the years by providing for sale the beautiful cards, ornaments, and gift items in your wonderful stores has been a blessing to all at Christmas and the rest of the year also.  What a joy and blessing to have you as part of our lives in so many ways!  We are so excited to see you on December 6 and 7!    

Monday, November 25, 2019

Winter's Majesty Christmas Tree

Dining Room Tree

 Winter's Majesty tree in dining room every year.  It is the most loved of all my trees by family and guests.
 Going out of this room takes you to the powder room, second master bedroom, my former office (now used for music and needlework) and laundry room.

 Many of the ornaments on this tree were purchased at Tis The Season in Berlin, Ohio.  This beautiful store is owned by my friend JoAnn Hershberger.  If you love Christmas you must visit this store.  It is so lovely with so many themes from which to choose ornaments and other decor.
 My beautiful white church close up.  Purchased at Macy's years ago.
 I love the white houses and crystal snowflakes.

 Winter's Majesty taken from the floor.
 The tree in the corner in front of the door to the linen closet where I store my massive amount of table runners and placemats.  I love this chandelier that you can see reflected in the mirror.  We bought it after Hurricane Ivan took down a good portion of our home in Pennsylvania in 2004.  It is very heavy brass purchased from Lighting By Erik.
 My pretty side table with my light up teapot from Cracker Barrel.  I leave it there all year on my precious square petit four stand and change the decor around them.  The glass tray from Southern Living stays too as an anchor for the two.  The lace is from Heritage Lace purchased at Carlisle Inn in Walnut Creek, Ohio.  I buy a lot of my lace there.  It is a beautiful store across from Der Dutchman Restaurant, one of my family's favorite places to eat.
 One of my favorite balls with houses and a church on a clear ornament.
 Aways a lot of white  snowflakes and pinecones on this tree.
 Merry sign goes on the front of the tree every year.
Every tree has a Santa on it.  I find one that matches the theme and that is the one I choose.  I also have a reindeer on each tree that also matches the design of the tree.  I still have a reindeer that belonged to my parents when I was a child.  I loved that reindeer so much and asked to put him on the tree every year.  He was the last ornament to be hung.  I have to admit that I often took him off the tree and played with him when I thought no one would notice even though I was discovered more than once.  Mama always threatened to put him up so high I would not be able to take him off or even see him.  That threat never worked-ha! But I am so grateful for the threats because I was very careful with him.  I am so glad I have him today and in great condition.  He is on the Memories tree in my bedroom.  This tree stays up all year long so it has to be dusted and fluffed a bit every year before Christmas.  I will post it later after I get all the other trees done.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day with your family and friends!  I will be back with more trees after the holiday!  

Sunday, November 24, 2019

All wrapped up in ribbon!

Ribbon obsessed!

I already have 4 Rubbermaid bins of Christmas ribbon but often I can not find just what I want for a Christmas tree.  My advice is if you think you might love a ribbon design well enough to want to use it to ribbon a 7 foot or taller tree or to ribbon all your outside wreaths and/or garland, definitely buy at least 3-4 10 yard (30 feet) rolls of 2 1/2 inch wide ribbon.  If you are following the theme idea that I use for the coordinating main decor, gift wrap and tablescape along with outdoor decor, then you will want enough ribbon for all of that plus your tree.  I usually choose two different ribbons that can mix and match.    

Trying to keep snow themes and reds together.

Mad for plaid!

An entire bin for elves and Grinch.

There are only three!  Who took my other bin?!!

Love browns for the hot cocoa station and the candy bar.  Also my master bedroom is painted Branchport Brown by Benjamin Moore and I use browns for decorating trees, wreaths, the bed and garland in that room.

Confession here...I have often purchased 12 rolls of the same ribbon because I was madly in love with it!  I am so obsessed that when I took a vacation to Lancaster, PA to visit the Amish I had to visit all the craft warehouses to buy ribbon.  That took 3/4 of the day.  We did also visit the York Markethouse for food and took some photos...BUT I just had to find ribbons!

Lots of ribbon online here and easier than looking everywhere for what you need!

Mardi Gras Outlet

Trendy Tree

Karaboo Ribbons

I will be putting up 23 trees this year.  I mean to say that I will be adding to that number-ha!  I am certainly behind this year.  Usually I have most of my trees up and dressed by now.  Thanks heavens I have two daughters and two granddaughters that will help me finish the trees.  The outside is done and I have been working on what I want for the tablescape.  I have almost two weeks to finish.  And then it will be time to wrap gifts on my gift wrapping station in the loft.  This is a treasured tradition.  My daughters helped my Mama wrap gifts in her game room every year.  She would set up a gift wrapping station and have cookies, candies and cocoa for the girls while they worked with her.  The boxes would be taped shut with a code name written on them so they could wrap with no anxiety from Mama that they might discover what gifts Santa would bring.  And in case you are wondering why Mama and her granddaughters would be wrapping for Santa, watch for a later post with the story I wrote about that!